Are you considering having your home carpets professionally cleaned?

Highland Green Cleaning provides the latest steam cleaning technology using the Rotovac 360 rotary machine. It provides high performance cleaning and leaves carpet cleaner and drier than tradinional wand.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process


  • We inspect any carpet stains and defects.
  • We identify the best possible cleaning process to ensure smooth cleaning.
  • Move light furniture wih extreme caution.
  • Vacuum the carpet with Hepa-filter vacuum that remove most of the dry soil.
  • Apply pre-spray solutions to carpets and spot clean stains on carpet.

Steam clean

  • This process we use Rotovac 360 rotary machine to agitate the carpet clean it and vacuum at the same time.

Final Process

  • We put furniture back and put protective pads to protect away from moisture.

We use Eco-Friendly Products and some natural cleaning solutions.

We made it convenient for you. Now you can Book Online at any time. If you can't find the time schedule you would like, contact us and we will arrange a time for you.

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